Hello friends and happy New Year! This new year brings us lots of good news and changes to discuss! Since we last spoke a few things have happened … 

1. We have made a few friends since we spoke last, and these friends are now full time members of the band!  We were very happy to welcome our good friend Dylan Roussel to the Crystal Lady family back in September. Dylan is 22, he is a master of the bass guitar, and he has been instrumental in writing new original music with us, as well as in helping us with the search for our new guitar player. This brings me to my next point! 

2. We have a new guitar player, Mr. Nick Fiveash! Nick studied guitar at Columbus State University and after only meeting the band once for an audition, he moved all the way from Columbus, Georgia to St. Louis to be our full time guitar player ... Crazy right? In addition to being a monster on the guitar Nick also sings, so keep an ear out for his harmonies on our future recordings. 


3. Speaking of future recordings … we have been hard at work the last few months writing new music. We have 5 new songs that are complete and a good 10 -12 more that we are working on. We have been writing machines. Once we finish up all our writing and arranging, our plan is to pick our 11 favorite songs and get back into the studio. So yes, this does mean a second album is on the way! 

We hope everyone has had a good start to 2018, we sure have! If you want to get a small taste of what may be to come on our next album, check out the video above. We recorded an acoustic version of our new song “Ride” with our good friends over at Songday Afternoon! Thanks for checking in with us, we hope to see you soon at one of our next shows! 

Stay Groovy, 
Crystal Lady


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