Crystal Lady is an original 4 piece Alternative Rock band featuring fierce female vocals on top of a hard-driving, alt-rock power trio. The band creates music as a cohesive unit, blending influences of grunge, psychedelic, blues, metal, and hard rock to create a hybrid sound. 

Based out of St. Louis, MO, the band travels all over the midwest, keeping a fairly busy schedule performing its original music as well as a select mix of cover tunes with original arrangements, giving the listeners fresh interpretations of things familiar. 

The name Crystal Lady is a tribute to band leader Chela Mancuso’s late aunt Josephine “Skipper” Mancuso aka Laura Williams, a singer/songwriter and international jazz vocalist that founded the Crystal Lady Publishing Company in Los Angeles in the late 80's. 

Crystal Lady is constantly writing and recording. Their new music is evolving with more of a hard-rock edge compared to their debut, self titled album. You can sample some of the new music released as singles on all streaming platforms.  MUSIC

Crystal Lady is: 

Chela Mancuso - vocals / lyricist 

Nick Fiveash - guitar 

Dylan Roussell - bass 

Correy Smotherson - drums